How to Avoid Creating Unnecessary Junk

How to Avoid Creating Unnecessary Junk

Your room is possibly filled with many boxes lying around, or some gadgets that you collected before and do not need anymore. Whichever way it is, clutter is not good for your mind and can hurt your wallet.

Maybe you saw some beautiful clutter-free space in a home magazine, But based on the articles you read you now think it is impossible for you to have an organized home like what you observed. As a matter of fact you are entirely wrong! Freeing your space from vast amounts of junk doesn’t require a superhuman power. The only thing that you need is a commitment to the following principles to avoid creating unnecessary junk at home:

1. Live within your means

You might have heard this idea many times. But this works if you wish to have a more straightforward and a less cluttered life. What does this principle imply? Living within your means requires you to consider the size of your home before getting any additional stuff in it.

For example, if your closet is overflowing, try to do decluttering to minimize your wardrobe. Instead of buying a bigger cabinet, remove all clothes that you don’t wear to provide space for your new clothes. You can give your old clothes to your relatives or the less fortunate people through charity organizations.

2. Make it a habit of eliminating unnecessary things

You can set a timeframe, a few times a year to remove the stuff you don’t use anymore. Even if you still have available space to accommodate new furniture, it would still be best to free up more capacity. This way you can feel lighter and live more comfortably.

3. Get a junk drawer

Each household has many small items such as pens, and tapes which are used more often but don’t have a place to go to when done with. Instead of distressing yourself in finding storage for every little thing, get a junk drawer. The last few tiny bits of mess will get swept in there, and then you are done with your job cleaning up your space.

4. Store things where you use them

Make your home attractive by organizing your items properly. Be keen about where you store your personal belongings. Life is a lot easier if you know where to find your essential things at home, especially if you don’t have much time to look for them at each occasion you need those.

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5. Stop clutter before it enters your home with a landing strip

Even though you can be meticulous about the things that you buy, it’s easy for the mess to sneak its way into your household in the form of junk mails and freebies. The best idea to stop these clutters to accumulate in your home is to set up a landing strip by the front of your house. Clutter can come and go anytime, so better stop it right at the source.

6. Understand that life is about your experiences and not the things you collect

We often see advertisements that try to influence us that a happy life is all about getting the latest stuff such as a new car or an outdoor kitchen. Everyone wants to become trendy. But what we don’t realize is that objects never really make anyone happy and satisfied, what matters most in this life are the experiences that we treasure.

Whenever you are tempted to buy more goods, you must ask yourself first if it is worth it to purchase that stuff or if it would be better to spend the money that you have for a vacation or a lovely night out in San Diego. Bonus: these things don’t need for you to free up space in your house.

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